The Concrete Formwork Specialists


Peninsula Formwork, owned by Peter Kiel, has been constructing formwork for Artform Builders since 1987 on all of our projects that require specialised forms. All of our work has been Architectural Housing demanding the highest of finish and Pter has always satified those needs. Some of those projects have included slabs, walls, beams and pools in all different shapes, sizes and with Engineering and technical requirements.

In the last fifteen years alone, we have together formed and placed over three and a half thousand cubic metres of concrete, all with the care and control that onlu diligent and careful people can complete and I have the utmost confidence in Peter achieving whatever is required. In addition to that, I enjoy having him and his staff with me on site as they are so easy t o work with and such honest, decent, trustworthy and capable trademen with an emphasis on old fashioned values.

Rod Cull